Aruba – Windsurf Equipment

We have the largest and finest selection of windsurfing equipment in the Caribbean. We feature Exocet Boards in the SCross MC Line from 93 to 160 litres and Fanatic Boards in the Cross, X-Ray and Bee Lines ranging from 84 to 164 litres, for a total of 16 sizes of windsurfing boards.

Our sail loft holds more than 60 rigged Gaastra Sails, ranging in sizes from 3.3sq meter to 8.5sq meter.

All sails are rigged on Fiberspar Carbon Masts.
All our sails feature adjustable harness lines with boom bras and uphauls.

Rental Rates
Half day rental  US$ 45.00
Full day rental  US$ 60.00
Weekly half day  US$ 275.00
Weekly full day  US$ 350.00

Please email to for rental- or lesson reservations.